11. - 14. 6. 2012 ENBIK
ENBIK: 11. - 14. 6. 2012, national bioinformatics conference. Details here.

Program: program

Thanks to Dan Svozil and ICT.
4. 5. 2011 FOBIA meeting
Dear colleagues
Please draw your attention to the 5th FOBIA meeting organized on May 4th - 6th by University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice. The Web page of the meeting as well as the registration is now available here.

Program: program

With best regards,

Rudolf Vohnout, Miroslav Obornik and Jiri Vondrasek
22. 9. 2010 FOBIA meeting
Preliminary program here (in czech only): program
22. 9. 2010 Invitation to the FOBIA meeting, IMG, Prague
This year we have election. And very important informations about ELIXIR and CR participation in it. For details and program visit: here
6. 11. 2009 Invitation to the Fobia meeting - 6. 11. 2008, Zlín, Univerzita Tomáše Bati
This year FOBIA meeting is in Zlín. Details and program:
21. 5. 2008 Invitation to the 14th DNA Conference - 2.-6. June 2008, Prague, Pyramida Hotel
You are invited to the 14th international conference focused on manipulation with organic molecules like DNA, RNA and proteins and targeted on their application in computational processes, nanorobotics, nanotechnologies, nanomedicine etc. For details and program visit
7. 5. 2007 An invitation for a talk posted by Vojtech Spiwok
May 18th (Fri), 10AM, IOCB Club, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry: you are invited for a talk by Motohiro Nishio (The CHPI Institute, Machida, Tokyo): "The CH/pi hydrogen bond: Implications in chemistry and biochemistry" [PDF invitation].
5. 3. 2007 Matej Lexa would like to inform you ...
You may be interested in a section "Simulation and Modelling in Molecular Biology" of a conference ECMS 2007.
26. 2. 2007 The program of the next meeting is ready and awaiting your confirmation.
Please check and report bugs in the final version of the program of FOBIA & X-Ray meeting in Nove Hrady.
19. 1. 2007 Lecture announcement and invitation to the FOBIA member's meeting
  29-31. 3. 2007, Nove Hrady, FOBIA co-participates together with "Czech and Slovak Crystallografic Association " on regular meeting, you can find details about conference at external page of our friends. Please respect the deadlines and enjoy this new kind of meeting!
10. 10. 2006 Lecture announcement and invitation to the FOBIA member's meeting
  24. 10. 2006, 17:00, IMG Flemingovo 2, Prague, lecture hall (announcement)

17:00 Robert Dobrovolny, Institute of Inherited Metabolic Disorders, 1. LF UK
  "Deconvolution and image analysis in microscopy: how put the light where it came from."
17:30 Czech FOBIA member's meeting
  * Czech FOBIA biennial report (J. Paces)
* committee election
* discussion about future plans
* others ...
5. 6. 2006 Invitation to "Bioinformatics III" lectures
  12. 10. 2006, 13:00-18:00, Exhibiton centre, Brno
Everybody is invited to this session which is focused on Structural bioinformatics and molecular modeling [PDF]. Program and more details are available on the webpages.
11. 4. 2006 Martin Strohalm: presentation of mMass program
  19. 4. 2006, 15:30, IMG, Flemingovo 2, Prague, large lecture hall
Based on his experiences with commercial software Martin wrote this program which may be a good tool for analyzing of mass-spectra data. You are invited to his talk about this software! [PDF]
20. 3. 2006 FOBIA 2006 - Final program!
  The final program is available at the conference webpage and for download [PDF].
For the last minute registration of the participants, please, contact Matej Lexa.
24. 2. 2006 Second Mini-Conference - FOBIA 2006!
Photo: El Marinero

We invite all computer biologists to the second FOBIA meeting organized on

31.3.-1.4. 2006 in Telc.

Please, register and submit an abstract to Matej Lexa (Matej Lexa).
More information about the venue and about the conference. Download announcement.
17. 01. 2006 Radio talk (J. Paces): consequences of reading dog genome
  18. 01. 2006, Radio Leonardo
Enjoy this talk on internet broadcasting - listen in Ogg
13. 10. 2005 Structural biologist meeting
  9.-11. 3. 2006, Nove Hrady
Please, advise your collegues of this exciting meeting. Registration deadline is 15. 1. 2006. More information on
12. 10. 2005 Biology in silico
  An article about czech bioinformaticians was released in Vesmir (Vesmir 10/2005).
3. 10. 2005 Lecture Announcement
  Programme of lectures 'Biological thursdays'
Faculty of Natural Science, Charles University, Vinicna 7, lecure room 'Photochemistry'
(link to lecure plan).
29. 3. 2005 April FOBIA Miniconference
  1. 4. 2005, 10:00-18:00, FOBIA Mini-Conference in St. Jan pod Skalou
Presentations and lecture recordings available on special web page (click on photo).
15. 3. 2005 First FOBIA Mini-Conference !
We invite computer biologists to the first FOBIA meeting organized on

1. 4. 2005 in St. Jan pod Skalou.

Please, register and submit an abstract to Lenka Piherova (
More information about the venue. View announcement.
8. 3. 2005 Lecture Announcement
  24. 3. 2005, 17:10, Faculty of Natural Science, Charles University, Vinicna 7,
lecure room 'Photochemistry'
(link to lecure plan)
Jan Paces - A lesson from our cousins - What we can learn about us from the chimp genome
8. 3. 2005 Seminar Announcement
  10. 3. 2005, 15:00, IMG Flemingovo 2, small lecture hall (view announcement)
Simone Scalabrin - Modular Search of Transcription Factor Binding Sites in Eukaryotes
11. 2. 2005 Lecture Announcement
  17. 2. 2005, 15:30, IMG Flemingovo 2, lecture hall (view announcement)
Fatima Cvrckova - Plant formins - lesson from a large gene family
Vojtech Spiwok - CH/π Interactions in Carbohydrate Recognition
11. 1. 2005 Lecture Announcement
  20. 1. 2005, 15:30, IMG Flemingovo 2, lecture hall (view announcement)
Petr Divina - Bioinformatics of Digital Gene Expression Data
Robert Ivanek - Introduction to Bioinformatics of DNA Microarrays
4. 1. 2005 Structural biologist meeting
  Please, advise your collegues of this exciting meeting. Registration deadline is already 15. 1. 2005!
25. 11. 2004 Lecture Announcement
  2. 12. 2004, 15:30, IMG Flemingovo 2, lecture hall (view announcement)
Zdenek Trachtulec - gene order in eukaryotic genome
Jiri Vondrasek - HIV protease database - a structural database of one biomolecule
7. 10. 2004 Bioinformatic Time Has Come
  FOBIA has been established! Fobia is the portal dedicated to bioinformatic activities in Czech republic. Our goal is to bring together people involved in different fields of bioinformatic research.
Czech FOBIA - Free & Open BioInformatic Association -