Fobia Lectures

Lecture materials are available for unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction provided the original work
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Author Lang. Date Title Format
Martin Strohalm CZ/EN 19. 4. 2006 mMass Data Miner [PDF]
Simone Scalabrin EN 10. 3. 2005 Modular Search for Transcription Factor Binding Sites [PDF]
Vojtech Spiwok EN 17. 2. 2005 CH/π Interactions in Carbohydrate Recognition [www] [PDF]
Fatima Cvrckova EN 17. 2. 2005 Plant formins - lesson from a large gene family [ ]
Robert Ivanek EN 20. 1. 2005 Introduction to Bioinformatics of DNA Microarrays [PDF]
Petr Divina EN 20. 1. 2005 Bioinformatics of Digital Gene Expression Data [PDF]
Jiri Vondrasek EN 2. 12. 2004 HIVdb - Structural Database of One Biomolecule [PDF]
Zdenek Trachtulec EN 2. 12. 2004 Gene Order in Eukaryotic Genomes [PDF]
Bohdan Schneider EN 11. 9. 2004 Protein Data Bank [PDF]
Jan Paces EN 11. 9. 2004 Endogenous Retroviruses in Human Genome [PDF]

Regular Lectures (Courses)

Author Lang. Date Title Format
J. Paces, J. Vondrasek CZ 2003 Bioinformatika (PrF UK) [tar.gz]
Matej Lexa CZ 2004 Bioinformatika (FI MU) [www]
Fatima Cvrckova EN 2004 Introduction to Bioinformatics (PrF UK) [www]
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