BioLinks There are many various databases, servers, programs, and other tools of bioinformatics. Orientation and exploitation is becoming difficult. These pages should serve to all who are using bioinformatic tools. We urge all users to help us to improve this service. For that you can add any relevant information - please contact the page administrators.

HERVd - This database is compiled from the human genome nucleotide sequences obtained mostly in the Human Genome Projects. We created a relatively simple and fast environment for screening human genome for HERVs. This makes it possible to continuously improve classification and characterization of retroviral families. The HERV database now contains retroviruses from more than 90 % of the human genome.

Mouse SAGE site contains a collection of public available SAGE libraries generated from various mouse tissues and cell lines. The libraries were collected from GEO repository as well as from individual laboratories that made the libraries freely available on the Internet or in their publications. The current list of libraries with references to the source is available at Database Content page.

WAViS - Alignment visualization tools server enables generation of alignment pictures in SVG format. These tools should help you with preparation of publication-quality pictures of your alignment data. Description of the server and examples of its use are in the help page.

BASE (local) installation is maintained by UDMP and UMG in Prague. Use of this installation is limited to researchers within the research community from UDMP and UMG. If you have questions regarding use, please contact the local administrator (see below).

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